Plot Twist!! (the rules of improv.)

So I was listening to a podcast a while ago (yes, I know, at least 37% of my conversations begin with that statement) and my good friend Ira was talking about the rules of improv acting. Specifically with people suffering from Alzheimer's. 

The rule goes like this:

Just say yes

If grandma says, "The garden gnomes are planning an air raid today." You cannot say "But Grandma... we don't have garden gnomes."


You could say, "It's a good thing the Flower Box Force Fields are extra powerful today!"

Funny, I thought. Life is that conversation: it throws you insanity that you just gotta roll with.

Everything  went through the oven, drier, or got doused with alcohol. Note to self: shoes are not friends with ovens. 

Everything went through the oven, drier, or got doused with alcohol. Note to self: shoes are not friends with ovens. 

For example, if you get bedbugs in Brooklyn and the extermination makes it worse and you have to get rid of all your furniture and find a new apartment during the coldest month of the year while attempting to maintain full-time attendance at school, you could say, "Actually, we didn't get bedbugs!" 

But that, my friends, is denial and it is a poor choice.

The other option is this...

Lydia drivin' like a boss as we make the move! 

Lydia drivin' like a boss as we make the move! 

It builds your resilience and sense of adventure! You also get to discover that your badass roommate can drive a U-Haul through the streets of New York City on about 1 hour of sleep. 

Sometimes these crazy plot twists even spur your creativity. Rachel, Lydia and I started making fun (and slightly therapeutic) roommate videos and named the channel "Plot Twist!" 

... I'm willfully embarrassing myself by adding this. Watch at your peril. If you only have a few minutes, definitely skip to the bloopers at the end ;)




So Where Have My Cast Updates Been?? 

That theoretical bedbugs-in-Brooklyn situation? In case you didn't figure it out yet, that did happen. Good times. 

We won't go into details, but February earned the title: No F***s February, and March and was spent recovering bits and pieces of my shattered sanity. 

I can't say it's been completely recovered, but fortunatelyI now call the beautiful and vibrant Astoria, Queens my home. An upgrade for sure. 

This last two months have been a race to the finish with my cast. Yup.. I dropped the ball on the updates. Hopefully at some point I will be better taking life's craziness in stride, but this was not one of those times. Once school is out and I can no longer work on Laocoön, I'll write up a synapsis post with lessons learned, lots of pictures and the final product :)

In the mean time, if anyone is in NYC next Friday, stop by our Student Exhibition and check out all the amazing work! You'll be glad you did: