Day 2

So… it's actually Day 4. I've been keeping track of my food and exercise, but I've been trying to decide on a format daily posts. I figured it out: 

  • Mental Status: How I feel that day (on a scale of, say… "Walking Dead" to "Superhuman") and any notable changes in my general state of being. I'm definitely expecting a roller coaster as my body goes through sugar withdrawals and other shifts in function. (Whole9Life has a great article on the bumps and struggles to expect.)
  • Nourishment: A recap of what I ate and at what time. As I write articles on different foods in my daily regimen, I'll link the food to its description. 
  • Cash Check: How much I spent on food that day. At the end of this whole thing I want to be able to analyze my spending habits and figure out how to hone in on ways to be more cost effective. 
  • Conditioning: Exercise--what I did, when I did it, and (possibly) why I did that routine at that time.
  • P.S. Concluding thoughts, if any.

Good. I feel much better with that being clarified :) And without further ado, Day 2!

Mental Status

Me :P

Me :P

It was all so long ago… Honestly. It was day that required alertness while (again) running on less than optimal amounts of sleep. Definitely closer to "walking dead" than "superhuman." I can tell my body is going through some serious purification--it's a weird combination of exhausting and energizing that has me a bit off kilter. For a while it was also really busy at The Barbary Fig (where I'm a server) so collapsing into my warm, happy bed was a wonderful experience.

I'm starting to think that my next post needs to be on sleep. Maybe I can convince myself of its necessity :P

I get my eggs from  Prairie Pride Farms  at the Farmer's Market in Downtown St. Paul. SO good. See that yolk hiding there? Perfect for dipping sweet potatoes :) 

I get my eggs from Prairie Pride Farms at the Farmer's Market in Downtown St. Paul. SO good. See that yolk hiding there? Perfect for dipping sweet potatoes :) 


  • 8:30--Glutathione, 2 TBSP Butter, Gut Elixir--Kombucha, Potato Starch, Lewis Lab Brewer's Yeast
  • 10:00--Exercise (see below)
  • 10:30--1 cup Bone Broth, sweet potato and leeks in coconut oil with 3 eggs in butter, carrot
  • 11:30--Yogi's "Fasting Health" Tea
  • 4:30--Banana w/ coconut oil
  • 5:15--Salad: Kale and cilantro, dulse flakes, coconut vinegar, and sardines in lemon juice and olive oil, a few sips of kombucha
  • 7:00--A couple bites of octopus
  • 9:00--A few slices of leg of lamb over carrot puree with a date in some reduced stock
  • 10:30--2 fillets of pickled herring, raw ginger

Cash Check

HA! Nothing. $0 dollars. 


After 2 months of an exercise routine consisting almost entirely of 4 to 7 Bikram Yoga sessions a week (a 90 minute yoga practice in a humid room that hovers between 100 and 110 degrees) I'm getting back to incorporating a touch of running and regular Bodyrock workouts. It feels amazing to be doing some intense strength work with a newly aligned and refreshed body!

Now that I'm working other things back in, I'm attempting to do my yoga towards the beginning of my fasting, and Bodyrock HIIT (hyper intense interval training) workouts right before I break the fast when the  Human Growth Hormone (according to what I've read on IntFasting) is at it's highest (according to what I've read on Intermittent Fasting.) I've been taking a glutathione drink-thingy from Ocean Avenue--a company my wonderful Mama has been working with--before doing my Bodyrock, and then having a big protein-rich breakfast right afterwards to maximize the benefits of each session. This was my Saturday HIIT--click on the title for the video:

Fully Stacked Abs

Thank you Lisa for your creative titles <3 Btw, I did modify it a little bit--in place of the last 4 exercises I just did a round of plank jacks (in plank position jumping your feet in and out) to make it 12 minutes instead of 18. 


I'm definitely still finding my rhythm--changing habits is hard, but I'm looking forward to having new habits. Beyond that, even,  I'm hoping to shift my body/inner child's desires from things that have long-term harmful effects to truly having my momentary desires align with what is life-giving. 

…for now I'll have to depend on will power and cyber accountability.