Day 4

Mental Status

It's 3 in the morning on what is technically Day 5. That is all. 


Spyhouse Northeast

Spyhouse Northeast

  • 7:30--Glutathione, Coconut Vinegar with oregano oil 
  • (7:50--Bodyrock)
  • 8:15--Gut Elixer (with 3 oz. coconut water instead of kombucha) banana, 3 eggs in ghee, 2 lil pickled herring filets 
  • 9:45--16 oz. coffee w/ 1/3 c. coconut milk… that I mixed with the burnt remnants of yesterday's coffee pot. I learned later in the day that burnt coffee not only tastes awful but is also not something to put in your body. Oops! Another day on the learning curve of life. 
  • 12:15--BRASAAAAAA! I enjoyed a wonderful lunch with my friends and fellow artists Louise and Kenny. We began the meal with Crispy Yuca (which I have a sinking suspicion is cooked in some sort of vegetable oil. Note to self: rare treat.) And followed with some amazing rotisserie chicken, cartilage, joints, and all <3 OM NOM
  • 3:00--Chaga Tea (magical mushroom tea that will make me live forever)
  • 5:00--10 oz decaf coffee at Spyhouse with my precious friend Diane :) Quite possibly the most wonderful cup of decaf I have had ever. 
  • 9:00--a carrot, large onion, 1/2 sweet potato, leeks, bone broth and lamb liver in ghee, kombucha
  • … an unnamed hour--banana and 1 TBSP coconut oil, milk thistle tincture

Cash Check

$9--Coffee, Brasa 


Bodyrock: 550 Rep Challenge--I can already feel the "muscle awareness" (the term my lil cousin and I came up with for "sore") and a return of my leg muscles! 


Goodnight :)