Day 5

Mental Status

Definitely riding the superhuman end of the spectrum.

...strange considering that I'm being fueled by 3 hours of sleep. I know how this works though. It'll hit tomorrow. Also, I'm considering switching my fasting over to (kind of) 3 days of normal eating and then 1 fast day, and keep the fast a little bit stricter. I rarely count calories, but out of curiosity I did today and was around 1350, which (though substantially less than a normal day for me) doesn't actually stimulate the benefits of fasting. 

Adjusted fasting protocol:

  • Day 1--Eat normally
  • Day 2--Fasting (except for a cup of coffee w/ coconut oil NOT milk) until supper, when I'll also get my bone broth and gut elixir 
  • Day 3--Eat normally
  • Day 4--complete fast except coffee (same) and bone broth. (If I need it, an extra tablespoon or two of coconut oil on fasting days.) 
  • Repeat! 

This seems like a good adjustment for what my body is needing, so I'll try it and see if I get a favorable response :)


  • 8:30--Bone Broth, Gut Elixir, apple cider vinegar w/ oregano oil
  • 10:00-- 40 oz. of coffee w/  3/4 c. coconut milk. This it what happens when I make coffee. I drink it. Who knew?
  • 2:30--small blood orange
  • 5:30--grapefruit and an apple
  • 10:00--banana, 1 TBSP coconut oil, 1 TBSP ghee, milk thistle tincture, 3 fillets of pickled herring, a bite of raw ginger

Cash Check

$15.50--Bulk Coffee, coconut milk, grapefruit, apple


… not today :)