Day 6

Mental Status

I decided to indulge and purchased a bag of prunes while I was at Walgreens tonight. This was after deciding I didn't want to eat a banana this time of the night :l My logic is pure. (They're SUPER delicious though!) It's mostly an issue of moderation--namely, there is none. Dried fruit in particular. I think I'll bring the rest of the bag to school to avoid a repeat situation on Friday, but I'd say this was definitely worth it :) Chewy and sweet and moist and wonderful…mmmmmm. I'm starting to feel a sugar brain-fog though, so I think now is a good stopping point. 

All things considered, I felt AMAZING this afternoon and evening, but good lord… the morning was killer. I hit my snooze for 45 minutes and then was dragging--even after 3 big cups of coffee. 

I knew that 3 hour night would catch up with me! But again, my mental clarity and energy were super high after the morning. I'll be curious to see if any patterns emerge with energy and fasting days and times. 


The Epicurean Digest has a great little article that made me feel (almost) better. 

The Epicurean Digest has a great little article that made me feel (almost) better. 


  • 7:45--Glutathione
  • (8:00--Bodyrock!)
  • 8:20--Gut elixir, onion, garlic, lamb liver, leeks, and an egg in ghee and bone broth, banana
  • 10:00--Coffee with coconut milk
  • 12:15--part of my salad (equal parts kale and cilantro, sardines in olive oil and lemon, carrot, dulse flakes, Coconut vinegar)
  • 3:00--yam with coconut oil, grapefruit
  • 5:00--the rest of my salad, a few slices of dried (unsweetened) mango, seaweed, a small handful of raisins, yogi tea
  • 10:00--PRUNES! 2 fillets of pickled herring, a bite of raw ginger, tea--dandelion root, licorice root, red raspberry leaves, red clover, broth, coconut oil, a drop of oregano oil

Cash Check

$3.00 <3 prunes


A 12 minute HIIT (hyper intense interval training) workout. Four different exercises done in intervals :10 rest + :50 work, so a minute for each exercise. This cycle is repeated 3x.

  • Speed Burpees: 22, 19, 22
  • Chair Dips: 14, 14, 13
  • Knee-to-Elbow Jump Squats: 26, 31, 29
  • Mike Tysons--a pushup variation where you do the pushup and then, without picking up your hands, bringing your butt back to your heels, then forward again into the next pushup: 7, 6, 9