Day 9

Mental Status

Lazy day bumming around with Dad :) Getting 7ish hours of sleep for the past few nights has been great! It's quite nice to go through a day without my body constantly reminding me of my unmet sleep needs. 

But… I can tell I'm falling into some typical habits I have when doing a period of body-resetting. Here are the three main ones:

Sometimes I picture what the pile of fruit would have looked like before it was dried. And then I wish I hadn't.

Sometimes I picture what the pile of fruit would have looked like before it was dried. And then I wish I hadn't.

Using dried fruit to bypass the no-sugar parameters.

I enjoy a huge array of intense flavors, and sweetness is one of them. "Enjoy," however, is not the word I would use to describe my bouts of cravings for sugar. "Obssessed" is a better word. 

The amount of natural sugar in dried fruit compared to... everything else (vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, protein, fiber… you know, the stuff natural sugar is usually attached to) is much closer to concentrated sweeteners (honey, molasses, maple syrup, etc) than fruit in its hydrated state. I am NOT saying dried fruit is bad, but it is best enjoyed sparingly.

For reasons you will soon understand, I am implementing a parameter for myself: dried fruit is to be enjoyed as an ingredient… but not a stand alone snack. (Note: "snack of dried fruit" actually means "compulsive consumption of all dried fruit within a 300 foot radius.")

Wait, you're telling me those jars aren't single-serving?? Those labels are so misleading...

Wait, you're telling me those jars aren't single-serving?? Those labels are so misleading...

Nut/seed Butter OD

Here is a typical conversation: 

Me: I feel like eating food!

Correct response: Are you hungry?

Actual response: Well, what's a convenient and delicious snack right now? 

Me: Oh, gee, I dunno. Hey! There's that jar of Tahini in the fridge! You could have a spoonful of that!

Me: You're so right! That sounds perfect! And it's great, because it's actually not very good for me--given all the Omega 6s, the oxidized PUFAs, and how incredibly densely caloric it is--so the sooner I eat it, the sooner it's gone! 

Me: You are so brilliant. *eats a spoonful of nut butter*

Me: My that was satisfactory.

5 minutes later: Repeat. 

30 minutes later:

Me: Why do I feel like I have a brick in my stomach? And who ate half of this jar of tahini???? 

Me: … :l I can explain. 

Is nut butter bad? No. Does it steal all of my self control? Yes.

Moral of the story: (To self) Just don't buy it, except maybe on occasion in bulk in a very small container with the awareness that I will consume the whole thing. 


General Grazing

This has more to do with my mentality than the food itself. It's a lapsing into a mindset where food is a constant distraction and need. Because I don't buy particularly snacky foods, this results in an odd consortium of non-meals. Why is this an issue?

A) My body feels best with at least 5 hours between meals, allowing time for a complete digestive cycle. 

B) It's distracting. A nice thing about intermittent fasting is that the thought "What's next?" for food isn't even there--it's a given that I won't be needing to eat. On eating days, it's easy for the thought of food to become an interruption (not due to actual hunger) to whatever I'm trying to accomplish. 

I did 2 food days in a row to switch things up a little bit, and I wanted to be able to eat out with my Dad. It's definitely a fasting day tomorrow--a rest and cleansing time for both my body and mind.


  • 11:00--2 dates, 8 dried apricots, banana, 8 oz coffee, pickle
  • 12:00--apple, 1/2 c. golden beets, steelhead trout fillet w/ garlic
  • 1:30--10 Prunes, pickle, 3 TBSP potato starch in water, 1 egg in ghee,
  • 3:00--Antipasto salad w/ grilled chicken (no dressing) at Cossetta's with Pa :) 
  • 4:30--carrot, dried mango, tahini (?) 
  • 6:00--Combo of stuff that just sounded really good together: 1 ripe banana, 1.5 TBSP tahini, 1/2 TBSP coconut oil, lemon juice, cinnamon. Yay for impromptu mashing. 
  • 10:00--milk thistle tincture, kombucha, 2 pickles, tahini (?) 3 fillets of pickled herring, raw garlic clove

The question marks behind the tahini indicate that I do not know quantities. What I do know is that half of the jar is, in fact, filled with air. I'll let that speak for itself. 

Cash Check

$18--Kombucha and the Farmer's Market this morning (eggs and a few other things)


Not much, but a brief workout in the hot room while cleaning the yoga studio (a weekly thing I do in exchange for unlimited practice!) 

  • Some Yoga warmups 
  • 10 Burpees with a pushup and a tuck jump
  • 10 Reverse Ab Curls
  • Repeat Burpees and Ab Curls

Like I said. Short… but it was intense!


I'm already noticing some changes in my body--my jeans are fitting better, and some of the muscle definition in my arms and legs is returning!! My skin texture is even starting to smooth out and calm down. My body is wanting more movement, and for the most part I haven't really wanted food that isn't part of my plan. Best of all though… is a major breakthrough in ideas around my art :) I have no idea how related that is to this, but it's been intense. My "doing things" motivation is growing!