Day 10

Mental Status

Technology is wonderful, dangerous, potentially addictive, and has a HUGE learning curve. I have a much better grasp of iMovie than I did a day ago, but it took me way longer today to make that Bone Broth video than I feel like it should have. I blame my perfectionistic self :P

Physically I felt great until 2 hours ago when I could've gone to bed, but decided to finish the video.

...And then had the "nut butter conversation" with myself I described yesterday. Today was an intermittent fasting day, but it's not the eating that was the issue (I'm finding out that most intermittent fasting protocols actually end with an evening meal.)

It's the "my gut is a brick" feeling. Blah. There's not much left in the jar of Tahini, but I might toss it. Honestly, this is the first time I've purchased it and it's not that good. It's kind of bitter and grainy. Mmmm!  

All that aside, I had a great Bikram class this morning, got some stuff around the house done, worked supper at The Fig, and overall felt pretty dang good :) I think my body is finally adjusting! 


  • (9:30--Bikram)
  • 12:00--Bone broth, Gut Elixer, Milk thistle tincture
  • 1:30--16 oz. coffee
  • 5:00--1 TBSP coconut oil, 3 fillets of pickled herring, pickle
  • 7:30--Yogi Tea, a few bites of shrimp, a few bites of lamb, a little bit of stock
  • 10:00--raw garlic clove, an onion and a little broth, horseradish, raw chopped ginger with coconut vinegar
  • 12:00--Tahini time! :l 

Cash Check 



Bikram Yoga