Day 16

Mental Status

I have officially passed the half-way point! It's weird but these habits I'm either beginning or re-cultivating already feel normal. It's less of a discipline and more of a joy :) I feel stronger physically and mentally.  I also took a nap today <3 Me and sleep are beginning a beautiful relationship. 

I've actually:

That's my Emu. He was really excited to help me out with his wonderful natural oils :) Can you tell?

That's my Emu. He was really excited to help me out with his wonderful natural oils :) Can you tell?

  • Dropped to 136.5 lbs! (I realized after starting that I wasn't at 138… I began at 142.) My body feels like somewhere I want to be :) 
  • My skin has significantly improved. Lots of stuff still moving through and clearing up, but, overall, it's on the mend! I just got some Emu Oil 2 days ago and have been combining it with my moisturizer before bed. It's supposed to be really good for wound healing and is used for burn victims and scarring. We'll see how that experiment goes, but so far so good.
What I do&nbsp; not&nbsp; want my creative time to turn into :P

What I do not want my creative time to turn into :P

Side note: I had a moment of self-awareness this morning--sometimes I am saved by my computer dying.  If I don't have a reason for what I'm looking at (like checking Facebook just to check Facebook) it is a fast and furious downward spiral to things I DO NOT CARE ABOUT. 
I did just that. Checked Facebook. And 40 life-wasting minutes later I had somehow "surfed" my way from Facebook, to a link about a girl who pukes to make her art, to a Jay Leno interview with Miley Cyrus where he showed an adorable video of her as a toddler, then to googling Brandie Cyrus since I didn't know Miley had a sister, to watching a youtube video of some girl claiming to be Miley Cyrus' cousin Brandie. (Who doesn't exist.) 
At which point (thank God) my computer died. 

Apart from that, I got to sleep in (yay!) and have a leisurely day of catching up around the house while podcasting, reading, and working on some writing projects. Now that my intentional brain power is back, the computer is safe :)


  • 10:30--Horseradish, potato starch in water, bone broth with dulse flakes 
  • 12:30--Beet, plantain, and 1/2 sweet potato and 1/2 a leek in ghee with 3 eggs, sprinkled with Brewer's yeast
  • 4:30--apple, kombucha
  • 8:00--a few bites of lamb and potato (oops :/) and a few bites of salad
  • 11:00--3 clementines (they're so cute and little and easy to peel!) pickle, some bacon, an egg, 1/2 a can of sardines, and cilantro and kale. I need to go grocery shopping. 

Cash Check