Day 27

Mental Status

… Yikes! I am seriously behind on updating this thing. I hope I can remember what I ate the last three days. I'm actually starting with Day 27 and then I'll work backwards (although I'll post them in order.) I'm continuing to feel better and better, and I haven't been doing the fasting as much so I don't think I've moved on the scale, but my skin is continuing to make leaps and bounds of improvement :)


  • 8:00--Bone broth, gut elixir, grapefruit, 2 small beets, pickle, a few dried apricots
  • 10:00--Coffee with coconut milk 
  • 12:30--Brasa! a few yuca fries and a large bowl of their green chili. so spicy, and SO GOOD! 
  • 1:30--an apple
  • (4:30--Bikram Yoga)
  • 7:00--about a cup of baby carrots, an apple, banana

Cash Check

$0 :)


Bikram Yoga