Day 28

Mental Status

Introspective. Wondering how I want to channel my time and energy in the coming years. Lots of unanswered questions that don't necessarily need to be immediately addressed, but are fun and a little bit scary to think about. Blessed by all the amazing people in my life :) 

Oh, and I can't believe it's Day 28!! However, even though my 30 Days of documenting are coming to an end for this go-round, my newly acquired habits are being built to last. Saw this quote on Pinterest and it sums up my thoughts on this perfectly:


  • 8:00--bone broth, carrot, gut elixir, pickle
  • 10:00--coffee with coconut milk 
  • 12:30--sliced plantain fried in coconut oil, red pepper, sardines, a grapefruit, and a spoonful of peanut butter :)
  • 4:45--a cup of turkey chili and kombucha tea
  • 8:00--a little bit of lamb and some broth
  • 10:00--an apple and an orange

Cash Check

$6.61--Turkey chili and kombucha at Mississippi Market, prepping for an evening of waiting tables at The Fig


Geez. I'm kinda dropping the ball on this! I'm thinking about cutting my yoga practice down to twice a week and just paying for it instead of cleaning for practice. Time-wise it's really challenging and for where I'm at, I think I'd be best served by doing 5 days of HIIT and 2 days of Bikram Yoga. And maybe have days of nothing (like today) go back to being the exception rather than the norm ;) Process! There's a reason I named this blog "Practicing Life."