30 Day Recap

Mental State

I don't actually want to write this. My 30 day challenge is officially over, and instead of a digestive recovery day, it turned into a free for all. The disappointing thing is I can already feel my skin starting to be angry with me, and a strange inability to breath deeply (though I'm sipping on peppermint tea, which is helping.) For the American Gut Project participation, I'm going to need to carefully track what I eat for the next 7 days, so I had planned on not tracking food today. Hence… it being a free-for-all. It seems that I haven't solidified my healthy habits yet, and I still need the accountability of recording what I eat. Publicly. It's hard to remember that I'm the one who's losing out if I don't treat my body with the care it needs <3 

Unfortunately, this lapse also means I have to put off my methodical food re-introducing which will help me pinpoint exactly what foods are the culprits behind my skin issues. 

I can't say I totally regret the delicious things that were consumed (hehe :) however I'd rather not make them public. But I feel like I'd be lying if I didn't, so here goes: 


  • 12:00--Sauerkraut, Gut Elixir, 1 egg and kale in ghee
  • 3:30--2 cups of black coffee, gluten free peanut butter brownie, gluten free slice of lemon bread (both freaking ridiculously indulgently delicious!!)
  • 7:00--1 cup of rice, 6 small slices of french bread dipped in olive oil, 1/3 cup bread pudding
  • 9:00--double chocolate brownie (I'm in a glorious sugar-coma) 1 TBSP nutella, 1/2 piece of string cheese, peppermint tea
  • … that actually wasn't as hard as I thought. I feel better :)

Cash Check

This isn't for today, but rather is an analysis of the last 30 days of spending. I totaled $381.46 on food. This includes all groceries AND eating out or having coffee, and averaged out to be $12.71/day, so about $4/meal. All things considered… needing improvement, but not as bad as it could be? :/  


Today I did some of my own yoga (20 minutes or so) and spend a wonderful half hour or so at a nearly empty ice rink a mile from my house, spinning and speeding and twirling and pushing and regaining my skating confidence! It was DEFINITELY a workout, and a super fun one, at that :)


I've had to realize something: I work and am in school and need to sleep and take care of myself and have a social life. That being said, even though I would like to write articles and make videos and all that jazz, now is not the right time. Now I need to focus on my art. This 30 days has been glorious for helping me get back on track and delving into some new information, but health as a research topic is going onto the back burner while I address more immediate and pressing issues. I'm am in my 4th and final year at The Atelier, and that needs to be my focus.

Love and contentment to anyone who has followed my brief introduction to what promises to be a life-long journey <3