Day 30

Dante Confections  chocolate bars--delish :)

Dante Confections chocolate bars--delish :)

Mental Status

I am SO ready to check out my inner ecosystem!

I am SO ready to check out my inner ecosystem!

Last Day!!! I got a little excited and splurged. So much for a final push :P My poor digestive system deserves a break, meaning tomorrow will be a total fast day.

My gut kit from the American Gut Project came today--I went over to my Gut Buddy Lynn's house and we chatted about all things art, health and life while geeking out on kombucha tea goobers and the joys of nutritional discoveries. I know some amazing people :)

She also sent me home with homemade latin sauerkraut and a bar of 98% dark chocolate. I'm spoiled. Our gut endeavors will require us to keep a food diary through for 7 days… so I guess my food tracking is not at it's end! It'll be really fun to see something that shows calorie content and macro and micro nutrient profiles. Just cuz I'm curious. If there's a way to do it I'll post those. Again… today is FAR from a finish line. 'Tis merely a prologue :)


  • (9:30--Bikram Yoga)
  • 12:00--Gut Elixir, 3 fillets of pickled herring, 2 small oranges, 2 pickles in a cup of antipasto sauce with a bit of hot salsa, and bone broth tea with 3 large cloves of garlic and loads of dandelion root, grapefruit, a handful of raw brussles sprouts 
  • 5:00--smoked salmon, a chocolate bar (%98 cocao and sweetened with stevia. OM NOM.) a few bites of sauerkraut, and a glass of kombucha. 
  • 9:00--greens in vinegarette, kombucha tea, and some yams and pecans
  • 11:00--leeks, a bit of yam, and 2 parsnips in ghee, a pear

Cash Check

$5.95--Kombucha and yams w/ pecans at Mississippi


Bikram Yoga plus some sporadic squats, wall sitting, jumping, sit up/tuck ups, etc… throughout the day.