Day 18

Mental State

Any sniffles that remained from last week's sick stint are completely gone. I went to the 6 a.m. Bikram Yoga class this morning. It was an actual Intermittent Fasting Day. I feel fantastic. Add to that a great chat over coffee with my friend Shelby this evening, and the week is off to a wonderful start :) 


  • (6:00--Bikram Yoga)
  • 9:00--Yogi Healthy Fasting Tea
  • 10:00--2 cups of coffee with coconut cream
  • 12:30--small orange
  • 6:00--Cup of decaf with coconut cream
  • 9:00--2 small apples, a carrot, some kale (as I was washing and prepping :) a cup of bone broth with dulse flakes, Gut Elixir
  • 10:30--an orange

Cash Check

$3.00--Cup of Decaf


Bikram Yoga--felt good to actually get in for a 6 a.m. class. It completely energizes the rest of my day!