Day 19


Mental State

Food is the best thing ever after a fasting day. 



  • (7:30--Bodyrock)
  • 8:00--baby apple, Gut Elixir, bone broth w/ dulse flakes, pickle, leeks and bacon in ghee w/ 2 eggs 
  • 10:00--coffee with coconut milk 
  • 1:15--sweet potato fries in coconut oil, 1/2 of a salad containing: kale, cilantro, 1 tin sardines, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 green pepper, a splash of pickle juice, olive oil, salsa, and a sprinkle of brewer's yeast 
  • 5:00--other half of the salad
  • 6:15--a bowl of AMAZING chili <3 and a honeycrisp apple 
  • 10:00--another honeycrisp apple
  • 12:00--3 baby apples, a carrot, and an orange. It makes me feel better to imagine all of that as dried fruit, and realize it's not the fruit overload it could be. 

Cash Check

$0!!! And the intense urge to pull into the parking lot of every grocery store I drove by. This is good for me.


Bodyrock! (I didn't use the sandbag… I think I'd have fallen over :P)