Day 20

…But I'm getting better :)

…But I'm getting better :)

Mental State

Quite content, and resolving to get to bed in the next 20 minutes so I can get my needed 8 hours of sleep instead of a repeat of last night… oops. A 2 a.m. slip-up. 


  • 8:00--Bone Broth
  • 9:30--Yogi Healthy Fasting Tea
  • 10:30--Coffee with coconut milk
  • 5:00--Another sip of coconut milk
  • (6:30--Bikram Yoga)
  • 10:00--Gut Elixir, a few bites of spaghetti sauce, a few bites of salsa, 3 pickled herring filets, a carrot, and… the last 3 baby apples. Which means they are gone :( 

Cash Check 

$0 HAHA! 


Yeah… that's pretty much what I looked like ;)

Yeah… that's pretty much what I looked like ;)

These are crazy things one is told to do in Bikram Yoga. Sometimes I think I'm a ballerina in the posture at our left. Today was not one of those days. Today was a day that "coming up higher on the toes" was about as likely as flying. As in, not particularly likelyI DID, however, touch my forehead to the floor :) It's amazing how even though we do the same 26 postures, every class is so different!