Day 22


  • 9:00--2 carrots
  • 10:30--coffee with coconut milk
  • 1:30--2 apples
  • 5:30--like… 1/3 cup of peanut butter. Which, since it's technically a legume, is not something I should've eaten. Actually… I had a couple slip ups last night (it's Saturday morning) but I don't think I'm going to beat myself up over it because I know that shucks me into a downward spiral I don't want to be in. So, oops! Moving on :)
  • 6:45--2 sips of red wine (with the blessing) and a bite of Challah bread (also with the blessing--I'm loving Erev Shabbat at the Micko's <3) a huge salad with lots of veggies and no "dressing" but lots of avocado (which works just as well!) green beans in garlic butter, meatloaf, a few strawberries, and (here it goes…) 2 small gluten free coffee flavored brownie marble things that were dense and moist and amazingly delicious made with almond flour. Okay. I said it so now I can really move on. That was kind of therapeutic! 
  • 12:00--some antipasto sauce (cuz what else do you eat before bed while checking Facebook and email?)

Cash Check 



Not today, but I am very muscle aware in my lower abs and a little bit in my arms from yesterday's 12 minutes of crazy.