Day 24

Mental State

Gonna get to bed soon and it's only 9:45. Life is good :) 


  • (9:30--Bikram Yoga)
  • 12:00--2 oranges, green pepper, gut elixir (potato starch and brewer's yeast), milk thistle tincture
  • 2:00--sardines, 2 roasted beets and a banana (but not together :P)
  • 3:30--savory yams with pecans sautéed in olive oil (My treat from Mississippi Market's deli :) 
  • 4:00--apple, organic Turkish Dried apricots. A lot of them. I gave into the dried fruit temptation! And I'm okay with that. Today I decided that the trade off was worth it :)
  • 8:00--a little bit of broth and some salad greens
  • 9:30--bone broth with brussels sprouts and 2 cloves of garlic

Cash Check

$48.11--Today was grocery shopping day! And I even met my goal of no shopping between my official weekly grocery shopping :)


Bikram Yoga